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Is this product gluten free?
Is this ingredient vegan?
Where can I eat nearby?

Find yourself asking these questions on a daily basis?

Products & Ingredients
CanIEatThis easily and efficiently let’s you scan a product or search for a specific ingredient and let’s you know whether you can eat it.
Simply press the Scan Barcode button, point your phone at the barcode and bam! The app shows you the product’s suitability for you! No more searching through tiny lists of ingredients!

Or, press the search button in the top right and search for an ingredient (e.g. gelatin) and the app shows you it’s suitability!

Places to Eat
Swipe left or press the places tab to view a map. You can either view places near your current location or search for a custom place, the app populates the map with markers. Click on a marker and it will tell you what options that place has and if it’s suitable for you! You can also help other users out but submitting your experiences at a place! Simply press the window shown for a marker and it will ask you some simple questions!

With thanks to Open Food Facts, you are also contributing to a universal database of products and information that is informative and helpful to others!

CanIEatThis apk free

CanIEatThis android free

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CanIEatThis apk free download

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  1. Beend

    that a great app.i mean it! it helps me a lot to have a healthy life

  2. warnut123

    i can pay more attention at what i eat now,this app is great

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