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The FCE is a challenging exam, and the Use of English section is the most difficult part. Students often tell us they feel unprepared for it. That’s why we have worked with a top FCE teacher to create FCE Academy, which has more test practice questions than any other app, website or textbook. Our mission is to help you pass this important exam with the highest possible marks.

FCE Academy is for students preparing for the Use of English section of the FCE. It contains 36 exam-style texts with over 1,000 individual assessments and closely replicates the FCE exam experience.


The best designed and most comprehensive FCE app available.

• Use of English parts 1–4
• Over 1,000 individual assessments
• Expert-reviewed exam-style exercises
• Timed exam simulations
• No ads and no in-app purchases!

The FCE Academy content has been written by Michael Macdonald, a teacher of Cambridge exam candidates, and reviewed independently by a Cambridge FCE examiner and senior examiner-trainer. We worked with more than 20 FCE teachers during development.


Test menu: For each exam part, users are given a choice of 36 texts and information relating to their progress.

Exam and practice modes: Right and wrong answers can be identified in real time. Alternatively, select this feature to reveal overall accuracy upon completion of a test.

Timed tests: By selecting the timer icon when in a test, the time taken to complete the test is displayed.

Instructions: The ‘information’ button at the top of each screen contains instructions related to the test.

Transcripts: Records of completed texts and details of scores and time are available at the end of each test. Stats appear in each test menu.

Social media sharing: Share your progress with friends and colleagues on Facebook and Twitter!


The FCE Academy app replicates Parts 1–4 of the FCE examination:

Parts 1–3 each contain 36 tests or texts of approximately 160 words; each text contains 8 assessments; and each assessment carries 8 marks.

Part 4 comprises 72 short texts or single sentence assessments; each assessment carries 2 marks.

By selecting an exam part from the home screen, users are given a choice of texts to work with and information relating to their progress to date. When a test is selected there is the option to have marking shown in real time. Timed tests are also a possibility.

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FCE Academy android


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FCE Academy apk free download

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