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Injustice 2 now available on Android

Looking at the gameplay this seems pretty accurate, combos and juggling look fairly similar which is in no way a bad thing as do the background level integrations and super moves. There’s not going to be any fatalities since pulling Batman’s eyes out probably wouldn’t go down too well so I feel like it’ll be a bit tamer in that regard. The footage seen so far is all top tier, the models and stages look great and I really like the little interactions between the characters in the character selection screen. It’s a nice touch. The little quips back and forth sometimes happen during the fights too which I also like. The level transitions do look a bit dodgy though. This one here with Batman punching Supergirl looks a bit ridiculous with her bouncing off walls in random directions just to get to a different section of the level is a bit weird. Plus some of the super attacks like Aquaman’s one here miraculously filling everything with water only for a giant fish to eat Bats. What’s that all about? On the other hand Batman getting launched around Metropolis is fine.

Injustice Phone apk

Injustice Phone android


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  1. KrayzieJ

    Thank you BRO for the game…..:)NICE…..

  2. Hershel

    amazing game thanks dude!!

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