Kentucky Route Zero – Act IV

Kentucky Route Zero Act IV android apk

Kentucky Route Zero – Act IV now available on Android

There’s so many great moments in Act IV that I don’t want to spoil, but if you found the first three acts emotionally resonant or even mildly entertaining, you will thoroughly enjoy this further exploration of the Zero. There’s a particular scene outside a floating diner that echoes the walk through the woods that closed out Act II, reinforcing just how crucial Ben Babbitt’s soundtrack is to Kentucky Route Zero‘s rich atmosphere. Babbitt has tapped into a rare vein of Johnny Cash-esque depressing spirituals, switching between melancholic ballads and ethereal backing tracks as the scene demands. The soundtrack is simultaneously weird and familiar, just like the Zero itself. (It’s also free with every copy of the game, which is great.) Babbitt’s compositions for Act IV are unquestionably his best. Although the solo “Long Journey Home” and “Too Late to Love You” remain the series highlights vis a vis needle drops, that does not lessen the weight of the aforementioned diner scene.

Kentucky Route Zero Act IV android

Kentucky Route Zero Act IV apk


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