Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda android apk

Mass Effect: Andromeda now available on Android

You wake up from a 600 year old cryo sleep and your job is to find out if the new planet you’ve arrived at is habitable for the 100 000 other travelers who are along for the ride. Unfortunately, the new planet turns out to be a lot more hostile than expected. And you’re quickly alone in a strange, new land. You will have a vehicle to explore and there’s usually a specific goal, which means there won’t be a lot of free roaming on its own.

You’re pretty quickly introduced to the game’s new races including the Kett, who are invaders, the indigenous Angara, and the ancient Remnants. Your interactions with these races harken back to one of the key themes of Mass Effect, how humanity fits into an already crowded universe.

While the early preview sessions only gave access to one story planet, a planet that hosts activities for the main quest line, outlets mentioned that this planet was packed full of meaningful side quests, a variety of locales, and fun enemy encounters which can all be done by hopping in the Nomad, a hopefully…hopefully, less shitty version of the Mako. Jon: So, between those main mechanics, Bioware’s focusing on one particular aspect from each of the Mass Effect games.

Mass Effect Andromeda apk

Mass Effect Andromeda android


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