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Pathfinder Spellbook

Pathfinder Spellbook

Download Pathfinder Spellbook android game for Free

Pathfinder Spellbook is a quick way to lookup spells, learn spells, memorize spells, and track daily spell usage. The app is updated to include all the new classes and spells. Pathfinder Spellbook also includes other useful features for tracking spell use and memorized spells.

* Multiple spellbook support to track all your character profiles.
* Add spells to your spellbook with the touch of a button.
* Memorize daily spells feature to easily choose spells everyday.
* Track daily spell usage to easily visualize number of spells cast by level.
* Control what sources to use for spell lists.
* Search realtime for spells.
* Quick filters for all class spells, class spells by level, and spells by school.

It includes all spells from the following books/sources:
* PFRPG Core
* Advanced Class Guide
* Advanced Race Guide
* Inner Sea Gods
* Inner Sea Magic
* Inner Sea Races
* Inner Sea World Guide
* Monster Codex
* Mythic Adventures
* Occult Adventures
* Technology Guide
* Ultimate Combat
* Ultimate Intrigue
* Ultimate Magic

Pathfinder Spellbook apk

Pathfinder Spellbook android

Download Pathfinder Spellbook.apk cracked version

Pathfinder Spellbook apk free download

GooglePlay paid version

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings



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