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Prey now available on Android

Prey’s main character is a man named Tommy, a Cherokee Indian who is in love with a girl who cares for him, but doesn’t want to leave the reservation that they live on.

The first-person shooting is smooth and responsive, weapons are really unique, such as a gun that can change its powers to kill targets in different ways, and enemies offer a nice challenge without feeling unfair. There’s also a nice variation in enemy types; just when you’re getting tired of seeing one type of creature charge towards you, another will start appearing. Now, the thing that Prey really does to innovate is what’s called the “spirit walk”.

This ability allows Tommy to detach from his body and use a bow to kill unsuspecting enemies, find new areas, and even walk on platforms that don’t really exist. It’s one of the coolest features of a shooter I’ve ever seen. Prey also uses puzzle elements for a nice break in the action. Portals, similar to the game of the same name, minus the s, are available to transport Tommy to different areas.

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Prey android


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