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SameSame – Visual Translator

SameSame Visual Translator

Download SameSame Visual Translator android app for Free

SameSame helps you to get understood during your trip abroad using pictures!

You visit a country which you don’t speak the language? You like traveling but fear of not being understood? SameSame assists you in any situation, even in emergency case!

100% OFF LINE: no need for an internet connexion to use it! (Don’t worry, we have optimized the pictures so the app is 10 times lighter than your Facebook app on your phone)

Use SameSame to get understood:

BY EVERYONE – the app allows you to find a picture, to transalte the corresponding word, and event to pronounce it! Thus, you are sure your interlocutor will understand it, no matter his age, his origins or his education!

WITHOUT MISUNDERSTANDING – A picture is worth a thousand words: unlike a single translation, a picture allows you to be sure of what you show to your interlocutor.

IN ONLY 2 CLICKS – the app is fast and very easy to use, just use the keywords search or have a look at the categories.

IN ANY SITUATION – More than 500 pictures adapted to travel situations and a drawing option for even more possibilities!

EVEN IN EMERGENCY CASE – a special category is dedicated to emergency situations to helps you to find assistance and to explain the problem.

Key features:

A picture database continuesly improved: if a research doesn’t lead to a picture, the app automaticaly add it in the day to make sure you will find it for your next research.

A drawing option for even more possibilities!

An optimized communication: with pictures, no risk of misunderstanding, you are sure of what you are asking. And to improve it, you can translate the word in more than 100 languages, and the app can even pronounce it for you in 30 languages.

SameSame Visual Translator apk

SameSame Visual Translator android

Download SameSame Visual Translator.apk cracked version

SameSame Visual Translator apk free download

GooglePlay paid version

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings



  1. Anceek1

    thank you dude it worked!!!
    Thank you!!!!!!!

  2. frooking

    Work’s Great!

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