Stephen’s Sausage Roll

Stephen's Sausage Roll android apk

Stephen’s Sausage Roll now available on Android

The title refers to the game’s objective of physically moving sausages. In a series of Sokoban-style puzzles, the player controls a character who pushes sausage links to grilling locations on a grid. The objective is to grill each sausage in four places (two spots on each “side” of the sausage), but if the sausage is grilled twice in the same spot, or if the sausage falls over the edge of the level, the player fails and must rewind their progress. The player-character is a low-detail figure who holds a fork, which occupies a second space on the grid. The character can move in cardinal directions and many puzzles involve rotating the fork about the player.


Stephen's Sausage Roll apk

Stephen's Sausage Roll android

To reach the puzzles, the player navigates an overworld on an island and aligns the character and fork with a ghost image of the character, and the surrounding land drops into the ocean to reveal the puzzle.


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