Who Are You, Mr. Cooper?

Who Are You, Mr. Cooper

Download Who Are You, Mr. Cooper? android game for Free

Your own adventure in a very steampunk world! The unraveling of secrets, unexpected encounters, the assembling of several mechanisms, and this is within chasing with a bunch of criminals!

This can be a story in regards to the adventures of Wilson Smith inside the huge industrial capital of scotland – Staighrem. The main character enters a dangerous and totally incomprehensible situation. A friend of Wilson died in the exploded pub and before his death had inspired to find Alexander Cooper and provides him a cyphered letter. After that criminals started hunt for the hero and that he decided to find Alexander and attempt to understand what’s occurring?

• Travel across thirteen districts of Staighrem, getting within a wide variety of situations.
• Assemble amazing devices which will help in your adventure.
• Find mysterious Alexander Cooper and help save metropolis from the impending threat.

Who Are You, Mr. Cooper apk free

Who Are You, Mr. Cooper android free

Download Who Are You, Mr. Cooper?.apk cracked version

Who Are You, Mr. Cooper? apk free download

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  1. anaid

    the graphics are really good…

  2. Feent

    TY!!! Awesome!

  3. Coleman

    Thanks mate, great work!

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