Agent A: A puzzle in disguise

Agent A A puzzle in disguise

Download  Agent A: A puzzle in disguise android game for Free

If you like escape games, you will love Agent A!

Agent A, your new mission has just arrived from headquarters. As usual destroy this transmission once received. This mission is of the utmost importance so get to it effective immediately.

Ruby La Rouge. Known enemy spy and perilous predator has been targeting our secret agents. Your mission is to find and capture this vindictive vixen. She’s been on our radar for some time now, however intel revealing her motivations is unclear.

We need you to follow Ruby, then locate and infiltrate her secret lair. Once inside it is imperative that you uncover her plans.

Oh and agent… do be careful. Miss La Rouge has a taste for dismissing agents such as yourself.

Agent A A puzzle in disguise apk free

Agent A A puzzle in disguise android free


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  1. wepopew

    Tnx…………working perfect

  2. Campos

    love being Agent A hahaha.thanks for the game 😀

  3. ben097

    Just do what this guy says, your game will work just fine.

  4. C00LMAN123

    works sweet! thx

  5. magicman112233

    Thanks, works great.

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