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100% Merge

100% Merge

Download 100% Merge android game for Free

100% Merge is effective Sports for your Brain – Stay fit in mind and increase your capacities.

You´re a witty genius, hardworking academics or a sly weasel? How do you assess your brain fitness? Entertaining and also with a scientific claim 100% Merge trains your brain cells and get your capacities increased in a short period. Train every day few minutes to stay mentally young and fresh!

100% Merge helps you constantly to evolve. Train regularly and you will feel very quick a progress.

No pain, no gain – daily commitment and continuity are key values for an active brain! Prove yourself and your friends that you are smart and not hard! The statistical analysis informs you constantly about your performance.

The recommendation of our testers?
Try combining 100% Merge with your daily cardio workout and increase your productivity and effectiveness for your entire body.

How to play?
Choose two numbers and the operand that makes the result in the blue squares. Make sure you solve all the numbers before the timer runs out. Every time you solve all the numbers, the level goes up and so does the difficulty. Prove to your friends that you are the smartest with the full detail statistics. Welcome to the Brainmania of 100% Merge!

◉ Material Design – Enjoy the beautiful design work of our designers.
◉ Smart AI: New random generated levels are created to keep you challenged.
◉ Smart Statistics: All of your player stats are stored. Ex Best level, Accuracy, Play count, Avg. Time / level, etc.
◉ Smart Animations: Our smooth animations are design to keep eyes open. This helps you to stay 100% concentrated.
◉ Smart Control: Choose two numbers and the operand that makes the result in the blue squares with easy touch gestures.
◉ InScreen Architecture: Forget long loading times, just play and have fun.

100% Merge apk free

100% Merge android free

Download  100% Merge.apk cracked version

 100% Merge apk free download

GooglePlay paid version

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings



  1. deyjvcfg

    thank you very much…. thank you…. working perfect now….

  2. Melvin

    Good stuff! Worked perfectly!.

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