BJJ Top Game Formula

BJJ Top Game Formula

Download BJJ Top Game Formula android game for Free.

Passing the guard is one of the most difficult, technical and frustrating things to do in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

There are so many different types of guard that memorising more and more random guard passing techniques just doesn’t work.

What you need is a guard passing system where every move, technique and strategy work together to get you to a dominant top position.

In Top Game Formula Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting – two experienced BJJ black belts – give you a scientific, systematic, and principle-based way to pass the guard and dominate the top position.

Some of what you’ll get includes:

* Easy adjustments to keep you safe from sweeps and submissions in the guard.

* Gripfighting strategies to get control while denying your opponent his favourite positions

* Guard passing techniques that rely on science and leverage instead of strength and athleticism

* The recovery tricks used by world champions to stay on top no matter what their opponents do on the bottom

* How to stabilise the top position while keeping your hands free so you can attack your opponent

* How to systematically break your opponent’s base, posture and structure to open up submission opportunities

BJJ Top Game Formula apk BJJ Top Game Formula android

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BJJ Top Game Formula apk download

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