CRAZY CHICKEN strikes back

CRAZY CHICKEN strikes back

Download CRAZY CHICKEN strikes back android game for Free

• Action: Aim and hit with a variety of weapons and magic!
• Construction: Build your own castle complete with walls, shields, towers, cannons, catapults, or mighty mages!
• Defense: Turn your Scottish CRAZY CHICKEN clan’s residence into an impregnable fortress!
• Progression: Upgrade your castle and weapons by up to 18 levels!
• Single-player: Pursue the evil Clan Chief and defeat him in epic battles!
• Multiplayer: Compete against players from around the world and win gold and trophies across all platforms.
• Live duels: Challenge your friends directly and fight for glory… and gold!
• Cunning: Try to secretly rob other players.
• Recognition: Let everyone see what you’ve got in the high-score table.

CRAZY CHICKEN returns to its Scottish residence only to find that an unpleasant Clan Chief has made himself at home there in its absence. This shady character has abducted a maiden, and CRAZY CHICKEN begins its adventurous quest to rescue her. A battle for territory and castles begins – and for the fair maiden, of course!

The game features an extensive single-player campaign, as well as several multiplayer options – for all gamers who enjoy competing with real-life opponents as well.

“CRAZY CHICKEN strikes back” does not include in-app purchases or any other hidden costs. You can play the campaign and multiplayer modes as often as you wish, for an unlimited time.

CRAZY CHICKEN strikes back apk free

CRAZY CHICKEN strikes back android free

Download CRAZY CHICKEN strikes back.apk cracked version

CRAZY CHICKEN strikes back apk free download

GooglePlay paid version

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings



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    Thanks!! works like a charm

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    Nice game for playing during class !!

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    Thank you very much, game is awesome!!!

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    Game Works ! good job

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    Thanks! I Downloaded , And it worked, No Virus.

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