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The Jazza’s Arty Games app is just for artists like you! Are you an art enthusiast? Do you create art? If your answer is yes, the app you are about to discover will probably change the way you work! Every artist would have come across a situation where he/she is just not able to come up with ideas – the artist’s block. Some people say it is real; some people call it an excuse. Nevertheless, it is common for creative beings to run out of ideas once in a while. If you have also experienced this, worry no more!

What does the app do?

Jazza’s arty games is an app to help artists with generating ideas. This is not an app in which you can draw. But it is merely intended to randomly generate ideas to inspire the artist. The suggestions from the app are only a starting point, from where the artist can develop further, using their creativity. It is the perfect accompaniment for artists during their drawing sessions. You all can finally say goodbye to the artist’s block! Use the app for inspiration, to challenge yourself and discover your true potential!

What are the Jazza’s Arty Games features?

The app has many fascinating features.

  • It allows the creation of multiple profiles, each with its own set of materials and app settings
  • The game is available in 2 modes –
  • The single play mode
  • The challenge mashup mode

Each mode is explained in detail below.

One amusing feature is, each time the user reaches the home screen, a different avatar (or Jazz-atar!) pops up! The developers have given us an app that truly gets our creative juices flowing. Each mode comes with a different set of challenges and options. Let us see the details below.

The single play mode consists of 8 unique challenges. The time limit in each challenge can be set to anything between 1 minute to 60 minutes. Or you can play the challenge without a time limit.

What are the eight different challenges?

  1. The Colour Challenge

In this challenge, you can choose the number of colors you want to work with (1-5 colors). The app will randomly pick that many colors for you from the collection in your Arty Games profile. Every time you refresh, you are presented with a new set of colors. This is good to develop a sense of color combination and see which colors go well together.

  1. Character Challenge

If you are an illustrator looking for ideas to create a character, this challenge will help. From among a thousand combinations, the app presents to you a character description along with a scenario, to help you create a unique character.

  1. Environment Challenge

This is a simple challenge that generates different environments for the user to create a scenario.

  1. Incremental Design

In this, a character’s features are revealed in stages, one by one. The end product remains a surprise until you reach the last step.

  1. Scribble Challenge

The user is presented with a doodle/scribble that they can use as an outline to start their work.

  1. Copy Challenge

You get an image that you can copy and reproduce. This is a good practice for beginners.

  1. Design Mix

The challenge randomly generates a pair of items, that the artist should combine to produce their artwork. If you have no idea where to start, this is a good exercise to initiate thinking.

  1. Custom Generator

As the name suggests, you can have your list of items to generate ideas from. This challenge is preferred by artists working at advanced levels.


The challenge mashup mode can be played individually or as a group. You just have to choose the number of challenges you are up for (from the 8 challenges above), set the time limit and you are good to go!

The app creates endless possibilities for artists. Even for the skilled and experienced ones, the challenges are a good exercise to sharpen their abilities.




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