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With easy access to smartphones these days, many people young and old are looking for gaming apps that entertain them well. Developing games has become a popular profession today. Certain factors decide whether a game is a hit or not. The user interface needs to be attractive. People check user reviews before downloading a game.

So, developers ensure that they provide the best user experience possible. The game should be available on multiple platforms, so both Android and iOS users can access the game. When one searches for an exciting simulation game on the Android platform, the ‘Station Manager’ app is hard to miss!

What is Station Manager all about?

Station Manager is a gaming app developed by Kairosoft Co Ltd. It is the player’s journey to create the world’s best train station. You aim to build a station that attracts tourists from all over. You can design your station according to your taste. There are cool options to add to your station – information boards, vending machines, VIP Lounges, benches, Taco stands, arcades and many more exciting things!

Apart from creating your station, you can also build cool trains on your own. Different types of carriages for business, tourism, etc… are available. You can link these together to build the coolest train eve and expand the subway system and make it a spectacular station for your commuters. You are provided with all the tools to make your station stand apart! How well can you use these tools to design a unique and attractive train station?

As a station manager, you can manage multiple train routes and stations. However, at one time, you can manage only one station. Periodically, a percentage of income earned from other stations is added to the present station. To attract more passengers, you can add utility shops and services. You can also open new train routes. At the beginning of the year, you can choose the station that you are going to directly manage. The station can be next changed only after a year. You can save progress on each map. Once you change the map, you can continue right where you left off without having to start over. But if you delete or reinstall the app, all the data is lost.

Additional details

The game takes up a space of 43 MB. It has a rating of 4.4/5 on Playstore, which explains the popularity of the game! It is rated for ages 3+. With over 10,000 downloads, the game is undoubtedly a popular simulation app among android users. The game consists of in-app purchases that can cost anywhere between 50 – 60 rupees per item. The game has some amazing graphics.


Overall, we can say that the game is enjoyed by anyone with a creative bent of mind. Anyone who enjoys creating and rebuilding an environment will love playing the game. The rules are simple. The graphics are great. The in-app purchases are affordable. Once you download it, you will be addicted to the app before you realize it!



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