Take Off The Flight Simulator

Take Off The Flight Simulator allows you to fly over different 20 countries. One can also opt for more than 40 exciting and unpredictable missions filled with adventure. The operations can be anything ranging from dramatic rescue operations to air freighting missions. Not only this, but you can also launch your own airline. You can also fly to faraway cities like Sydney, London, New York and even try out several 18 other destinations.

About the game

This game also provides access to equip and fly new versions of planes. These are mostly military jets with the inbuilt design of 3D cockpits, quirky seaplanes, exciting jumbo jets, etc. In this game, players have to combat numerous challenges. From experiencing a drastic change in weather conditions to trying to safely land the plane with failure in the engines, any challenge can be yours when you play this game next time.

Game Features

The game Take Off Flight Simulator comes with a number of features:

  • It comes with a total of 24 airplanes. One can fly them whenever it gets unlocked.
  • The airplanes come with a 3D design of cockpits.
  • In the free flight mode, one can avail of the experience of flying an airplane in Hawaii.
  • There are 50 exciting missions in total.
  • Missions include sightseeing, airfreighting, rescue operations, etc.
  • One can also fly to 21 airports located around the world.
  • Players can also start their own versions of the airline. This will enable them to expand their fleet.
  • You can also customize the designs of the planes according to your taste.
  • Players also get an added advantage of upgrading their fleet in order to ensure better handling and performance.
  • Via this game, one can learn to combat several challenges like change in weather conditions, uneven landings, engine failures, etc.

Some Faqs related to Take Off Flight Simulator:

1) On which devices can this game be played?

One can easily play the game in IOS devices as well as in Android devices.

2) What should one do if the app crashes while loading a mission?

In this case, try closing every other application that is running in the background. If the problem still occurs, then go for restarting your device.


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