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Nova Launcher Prime is one of the most popular and the most enhanced launcher for Android. It facilitates easy customising and controlling. With one click, you can completely replace your home screen. According to the requirements, you can also customize the controls. Now, changing the themes of the icons, colors, animations, and layouts won’t be a big deal anymore. Since its launch, a lot of people have been loving Nova Launcher Prime and are quite satisfied by the features it claims to provide.

Recently, a reviewer said that it is one of the best AOSP style launchers that is made available in Android. It tends to maintain the right amount of balance between high customizability and excellent performance. It does not get too much gimmicky and it isn’t difficult to use at all. There are a lot of features that are pretty difficult to find in other launchers.

How can you use Nova Launcher Prime?

Are you tired of seeing the same home screen again and again? Worry not! Because we have come with a solution to solve your problem. If you happen to have an operating system supporting Google’s Android, then well this can be much easier. Android is known to support third-party launchers which can customize your apps and assists in changing not only the optimizations but also the themes and features. Therefore, in order to enable you to access these cool features, we have enlisted down some steps which can help you own your own customized home screen.

Select Nova Launcher Prime from Google play store: Make sure you download your Nova Launcher Prime app from the play store. Proceed with installing the application. After installing, the app opens up. You can go for either the free version of Nova Launcher or the Nova Launcher Prime version.

Here, a question arises that what is so different about Nova Launcher Prime?

Why do people prefer it even if they have to pay for it?

Well, in order to unravel this question, we have enlisted down some points. Owning the prime version is mainly all about getting access to all the cool features that Nova Launcher Prime comes pre-equipped with. The reasons are:

  1. The size of the icons: Icons are always considered to be one of the main elements in any launcher. Well, in the free version of Nova Launcher you can easily change and customize the packs of the icons and their labels, but in the Prime version of Nova Launcher, you can easily change the size of the icons according to your preference. This can be availed in both app drawer and desktop.
  2. Effects of the scrolls: You might have noticed an animation or a transition effect while scrolling the icons towards left and right. Well, this is the scroll effect we are going to talk about. In the free version of the app, one can only get access to three types of scrolls namely Card stack, Cube and simple. But, in the prime version of Nova Launcher you can also access effects such as Throw, Glass, Flip, and the revolving door.

Groups of the drawer

There is also some change in the drawer groups. As in a free version, one cannot create his own folders within the app drawer but in the prime version, you can simply enjoy creating folders. Not only this, but you can also add new tabs to your customized app drawer.

  1. Hiding of apps: This is one of the prime features of Nova Launcher Prime. It facilitates the easy hiding of apps.
  2. Controlling of gestures: We all know that gestures tend to make our work a lot easier. They can be anything. From swipe-down feature for expanding the notifications to double-tap gesture for locking the device. Indeed, gestures are a lot helpful. Also, you can not access any gesture through the free version of Nova Launcher. But, boom! switching to the prime version can enable you to access more than ten gestures. They can be rotated, pinch, double-tap swiping up or down or only swiping up or down.
  3. Swiping of icons: This is again considered to be one of the most favorite feature of Nova Launcher Prime. You can implement several actions to an icon in the prime variant. You can easily swipe in order to open up different Nova settings, and can also use this gesture to open an app. Shortcuts like Gmail label, location and direct-dial also come equipped with the prime version.

Unread icons: Nova Launcher Prime provides one with the opportunity to own notification badges or unread the icons. You can also avail of several customizations for the notification badges. Depending upon your taste, you can also change the color and size of the badges accordingly.

Now, the steps to use Nova Launcher Prime continues:

1) Getting started with the app: Once your Nova Launcher has been installed, you will have to set it as your default. Try to find Apps sub-menu, if you happen to have an Android 7.0 Nougat version. Make sure to tap on the settings icon which is provided in the upper-right hand corner. Scroll down from there till you find the Home app option. Tap the option followed by choosing Nova Launcher from the whole list. This process can be a bit different if you happen to have a pre-Android 4.4 KitKat version or 6.0 Marshmallow.

2) Tweak the appearance of Nova Launcher: The app looks similar to that of Android’s stock home screen. You need to customize it if you want to look different. By tapping and long-pressing on the home screen, a three-button menu easily pulls up. From here, you can actively change the wallpaper, insert widgets according to your requirements or you can even launch the settings menu accordingly.

4) Desktop settings: This menu assists one in customizing the page indicator, scroll, the layout and even more. One can easily tune the size of the home screen by clicking on the layout menu. You can also avail of a pop-up diagram by taping on the desktop grid. You can also easily add and subtract both rows and columns by sliding either left or right. It provides you with a wide range of features. Therefore, the choice is yours as to how you want to customize your home screen.


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