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YouApps have made our lives much easier. Today, you have a mobile application to help you with almost any activity. One of the popular activities for which people use an app is to record calls. Call Recorder License – ACR is one such app.

The need for a separate call recording app

Recording your phone calls have many advantages. Most of the smartphones today, come with a built-in app to record phone calls. Why do some users still prefer to have a separate app for that? It is because free or built-in apps have some limitations. These apps are fine for personal use but cannot be used for your business needs. The audio clarity may not be good enough. In some cases, a two-way recording isn’t supported. In other cases, the call recording feature cannot be automated. Or, there is no option to record outbound calls. To overcome all these issues, people look for third-party apps that seamlessly integrate with their phone’s call system.

The benefits

Some people wish to record their phone calls for personal use. Apart from that, in a professional set up, customer calls are recorded for several reasons. Some of the benefits of recording calls are

  • Customer satisfaction

The company management will be able to monitor their agents through recorded calls. If the agents are aware that they are being recorded, they will be determined to provide their customers with a pleasant experience. Also, the manager will be able to randomly pick a recorded call, to check the performance of a particular agent. Thus, it would be an ideal way to ensure that the agents are consistent in their work. Along with tracking each agent’s performance, the company can collectively work on improving the customer experience.

  • Enhanced security

Recording calls will help the company keep inappropriate calls in check. They can pinpoint the source of such a call. With solid proof, one can reduce inappropriate calls and personal calls by the employees. When both the conversing parties are aware that the call is being recorded, they will refrain from using profanity. Thus, the calls largely remain professional.

  • Legal requirements

In some places, business entities are required by law to record their calls. The government monitors and regulates the verbal communication between parties involved in a business or insurance, bank or other financial institution. Also, in case of run-ins with the law, you have proof of the actual happenings.

  • Quality control and training

By analyzing the recorded calls, companies can realize the areas that need improvement. They can also understand the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. Current and new employees can be trained accordingly, thereby improving the quality of their service. When training modules are designed around the analysis of recorded calls, it leads to an overall improvement in the service offered. Yet another advantage is, if an agent is not sure about the information he has taken down while attending a call, they can always listen to the recorded call for the right information.

What does the Call Recorder License – ACR app do?

Call Recorder License – ACR is a productivity app available on Google Play Store. It is a paid app. The app is meant to be used in combination with the ACR app. Installing the Call Recorder License – ACR app will remove advertisements from the ACR call recorder. With this app, the user gets access to premium features. Some of the features:

  • Short recordings are automatically deleted
  • You can compose and send emails automatically
  • Integration with Google Drive
  • Integration with DropBox
  • The user has the option of recording in the middle of the conversation using the manual recording option provided in the app settings

Many more useful options are available. You must only use Call Recorder License – ACR app to activate the premium features of the ACR app. Interested users should first download the ACR app from Google Play Store. It is a free call recorder application. For the app to start working, it is recommended to reboot your phone after installing the Call Recorder License – ACR app.

Additional details of the app

The latest update enables users to hide the License icon. It is a light app that requires 47 KB of space. This is an app that provides value for money. It has over 500,000 downloads!

Since the app works with the ACR app, let us see what the ACR app is.

ACR stands for Another Call Recorder. It is a free call recording app developed by British developer NLL, available on Google Play Store. It is an app with advanced features, some of which are listed below.

  • The app lists the recordings by automatically matching the numbers with your contacts
  • There are multiple ways to search for a recording – by contact number, contact name, and date of recording
  • Deleted recordings can be recovered from the recycle bin
  • Old recordings are deleted automatically
  • You can mark important recordings. Auto delete will skip the recordings marked important.
  • Multiple recordings can be simultaneously selected, deleted or sent.
  • Secure storage – you can protect your recordings with a password
  • You can choose the format in which you wish to store your recordings (MP3, MP4, WAV….)
  • You can start recording in the middle of a call
  • Selected parts of the call can be sent

If you choose to use ACR, please do not use it in conjunction with any other recording app. This will affect the functioning of the app.


Given the premium features of the License app, it is undoubtedly one of the most advanced applications for call recording. Every user must do some research from their side to decide the right call recording app for them. Read the online ratings and reviews from past users of the app. Be sure that paid apps are worth the money. Decide on how much space you can afford for this app. Then, download an application that you feel is the best!



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