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Toca Life: School is a series of apps which have been designed for kids, to let them enjoy a big and exciting world of fun. The game was designed with the ideology that kids should be allowed to explore their imagination. The only way to do that is to allow them to know and learn about the world around them. The developers are keeping in mind the perspective of young children. So, it allows them to be creative, playful as well as follow their hearts desire in being who they truly wish to be!

This app includes a series of other award-winning apps. These have are not only having over 130 million downloads across 215 countries but they also provide users with ample amount of fun, open-ended as well as a safe gaming experience.

Toca Life: School is a part of a series of three apps, this being the third one, after Toca Life: Town as well as Toca Life: City.

How does one get to explore and enjoy the game?

To explore Toca Life: School you get to be a part of five interesting and unique locations that allow for storytelling with regards to life in school. You can do absolutely anything in your school. Right from heading out to the playground in order to coach a football or basketball team or heading towards the science laboratory in order to conduct an experiment with your classmates. You can even go to the music room in the youth club in order to jam with your bandmates.

Any and every character in the app as well as anything and everything that those characters are holding can be moved in-between locations, as and when pleased!

What are the hidden treasures of Toca Life School?

Some of the hidden treasures of the game include you having the freedom to wear funny and interesting costumes and throw parties. Enjoy mixing random concoctions in the chemistry laboratory. Climb a tree in order to enjoy a game of hiding and seek. In case you are on the lookout for some afterschool fun activities, you could always head over to the youth club. It is always open to fun and relaxation. You can play games such as polo and pool, ping-pong or even playing some instruments!

What are some of the key features of the game?

Some of the key features of the game are as follows:

You get to enjoy and explore 5 locations – playground, house, cafeteria, youth club as well as the school building. You get to play with a total of 34 characters and make them wear different clothes every time! Go about exploring the school building with its differently themed lockers. A classroom that also has a lab included in it for experiments as well as a school office.

Play mischief-maker and set off the fire alarm sprinkles and use the fire extinguisher. Play sports on the playground and cheer those playing vital games there. Start food fights in the cafeteria and then work to clean up the mess later. Throw stick bombs!


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